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Scores: solo with electronics

Morphosis 9 mins
For solo piano with 3D sensors and live electronics [2014]

Pareidolia I 10 mins
For solo bass clarinet with sensors and live electronics [2012]

... of bones and muscle 2 mins
For solo piano and electronics [2009]

Shoaling 4 mins
For solo harp, live electronics and movement sensors [2008]

Collage on D 1 ½mins
For solo violin and sound file (CD) [2007]

Coalescence 6 ½mins
For solo clarinet and live electronics [2006]

Music of the Spheres 12 mins
For piano and sound file (CD) [2005/06 rev.08]

Gaia Sketches 7 ½ins
For solo cello with hyperbow and live electronics [2005]

Gonk 6 mins
For solo bassoon and sound file (CD) / electronics [2004]