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Audio extract (30 secs) from CD Morphosis (pf - Zubin Kanga, elec - Patrick Nunn)


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03-05-09 (WP) The Space, Docklands, London (pf - David Appleton, elec - Patrick Nunn)

16-02-10 The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London (pf - David Appleton)

Programme notes

Score: ... of bones and muscle

For solo piano and electronics [2009]

Duration: c. 2 mins.


... of bones and muscle explores the opening motif from Bartok’s Etude No.3, Op.18 in a miniature collage for piano and electronics. This motif appears in many guises accompanied by combinations of distorted microtonal reflections and as blocks of ascending chords played against descending mirror images of itself. The ending is further layered with a recording of Bartok in conversation.

The premiere was given by David Appleton (piano) and Patrick Nunn (electronics) at The Space, Docklands, London, on the 3rd May 2009.

© Patrick Nunn 2009