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(WP) 04-11-05 IKON Gallery, Birmingham (vc - Shu-Wei Tsung, elec - Patrick Nunn)

02-12-05 Piano Gallery, York Gate, The Royal Academy of Music, London (vc - Shu-Wei Tsung, elec - Patrick Nunn)

15-04-08 Sounds New Festival, St Gregory's Music Centre, Canterbury Christ Church University (vc - Peter Gregson, elec - Patrick Nunn)

Programme notes

Score: Gaia Sketches

For solo cello (with Hyperbow) and live electronics [2005]

Duration: c. 8 mins.


Written as a test piece for the MIT cello Hyperbow developed by Diana Young, Gaia Sketches draws inspiration from the poem Gaia mon a’mour by Rachel Rosenthal in which she passionately responds to the systematic abuse of the earth. The work attempts to bring the expressivity of the performer closer to the sound processing through mapping strategies established between the Hyperbow and the electronics. The work exists on three levels – the solo cello material; sampled sounds derived from the cello itself, modified orchestral sounds, female vocal sounds from Bulgaria and natural sounds associated with mother earth; and live processing of the acoustic cello controlled by the performers gesture data captured by the Hyperbow.

© Patrick Nunn 2005