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Scores: duo

Five Miniatures 6 mins
For horn (F or Eb) and piano [2019]

Sotto un Cielo Lunare di Sangue 5 mins
For harp and piano [2018]

Isochronous 6 mins
For piano, percussion and pulsars (2-channel CD or 4-channel electronics) [2010]

47 Tucanae 1 mins
For piano duet (4 hands) and sound file (CD) [2008]

Prism 7 mins
For basset clarinet in A and piano [2008]

Transilient Fragments 5 mins
For violin and piano [2007]

Mercurial sparks, Volatile shadows 4 mins
For alto flute and piano [2005-6]

We Two Boys Together Clinging 3 mins
For baritone and piano [2004]

Into my burning veins a poison 7 mins
For quarter-tone alto flute, piano and electronics [2004]

Black Strokes 1 6 mins
For violin and piano [2000]

Baker's Dozen 11 mins
For flute (=concert/picc/alto) and guitar [1995] Alternative version for flute (=concert/picc) and guitar

Dance and Reflection 4 mins
For violin and organ [1994] - currently unavailable

Colour Cycle 12 mins
For violin and piano [1994 rev.2015]

Sonata 9 mins
For flute and piano [1990]