Audio extract (30 secs) from CD Morphosis (vln - Maria Oldak, pf - Matthew Schellhorn)

Score & Part

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17-08-07 (WP) Glucholazy, Poland
(vln - Maria Oldak, pf - James Baillieu)

15-09-07 Wigmore Hall, London
(vln - Maria Oldak, pf - James Baillieu)

02-12-08 In Tune, BBC Radio 3 (recording)
(vln - Maria Oldak, pf - James Baillieu)

Programme notes

Score: Transilient Fragments

For violin and piano [2007]

Duration: 5½ mins.

Written for Maria Oldak.


‘Transilient’ is the leaping or passing from one thing or state to another. Transilient Fragments grew from a series of tiny sketches and drafts that were borrowed from another recent work for piano, entitled Music of the Spheres. These tiny sketches – delicate and fleeting in nature – were reworked, extended, stitched together and sculpted into a volatile landscape where the material frequently transformed and shifted in character.

Transilient Fragments was awarded the Alan Bush Prize at the Royal Academy of Music, London, in March 2008, and was shortlisted for the instrumental solo/duo category in the British Composers Awards 2008, in association with BBC Radio 3. The premiere was given by Maria Oldak (violin) and James Baillieu (piano) in Glucholazy, Poland, on the 17th August 1907.

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