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Scores: small ensemble

Maya 7 mins
For 2 flutes, alto flute and soundfile [2012]

Angelus 2 mins
For string quartet [2009]

Escape Velocity 10 mins
For free-bass accordion and string quartet [2005]

Wheatfield with Crows 7 mins
For soprano saxophone, piano and violincello [2004]

Sleek Silver Symbols 5 mins
For soprano sax, electric guitar, bass guitar and percussion [2001]

Hextych 20 mins
For flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and gramophone (CD) [1999-2001]

21st Century Junkie 7 mins
For six pianos and soundfile (CD) [2000]

String of Pearls 6 mins
For Bb clarinet, violin, piano and soundfile (CD) [2000]

Bright White Light 3 mins
For four percussion [1999]

Cruise 5 mins
For flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin and cello [1998, rev.2007]

Canon in threes and fours 3 mins
For solo violin and three pianos [1996] - lost and unavailable

Nocturne 10 mins
For principal viola, flute, harp, 2 violins and cello [1992] - currently unavailable

For 4 flutes and SPX-90s (or similar delay units) [1991] - currently unavailable