details of past performances

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Events: 2000

26th Mar 2000 My House (Daydreaming) WP St Marys Brookfield, Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 - NLCC

30th Mar 2000 String of Pearls WP 2nd Ural Festival Organ & Chamber Music Hall, Cheliabinsk, Russia - Trio Clarte

4th May 2000 Eid Milaad Saeed WP Craxton Studio, Hampstead, London - Madis Kari

9th July 2000 Perfect Job (Daydreaming) WP St Michaels Church, Wood Green, London N22 - NLCC

15th Oct 2000 Our Town Story WP Our Town Story Theatre, Millennium Dome, London - Jnr Dept Trinity College, London

19th Nov 2000 21st Century Junkie WP Planet Tree Music Festival The Round Chapel, Hackney, London - Piano Circus

3rd Dec 2000 The Oxen WP St Johns Smith Square, London - NLCC and members of the NLO

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